Monday, August 17, 2009


Some good news this morning – the piece I submitted for the Southern Cross University (SCU)Acquisitive Artists’ Book Award was one of the pieces selected by Tara O’Brien for the Southern Cross University Artists’ Book Collection. Tara indicated “how each of these works achieved a high level of sophistication in the synergy between form and content”.

The piece titled Censored is a 150mm cube made from recycled timber, stamped and rusted steel bands and paper. The words stamped and rusted on the bands include: suppressed, stifled, shut down, sacrificed. The piece is intended to make a statement about the lack of free speech that is demonstrated in the news on a daily basis.

The 10 selected pieces can be seen on the SCU site.


  1. Congratulations!

  2. Well done, Baz - this really is well earned recognition. I like the piece enormously, and can connect with Tara O'Brien's rationale for selecting it. As with many of your pieces, the confluence of diverse influences is evident - time spent in central Oz, the austerity of the bush, Leunig, Gascoigne, Scandanavian design, and the sheer pleasure of getting your hands dirty from a bit of mucking around with stuff that has 'hidden form'. Plus, and most importantly, passion and a social conscience. Keep up the good work! Jeff

  3. Good on you, must be a great feeling, wel deserved, great piece love it!


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