Thursday, August 13, 2009

Inspired by talented people

Fiona and I were recently in Canberra for work but were fortunate to have the opportunity to drop into the National Gallery and spend a half hour wandering through the Reinventions: sculpture and assemblage exhibition. I was really struck by the work of Bronwyn Oliver. The two pieces in the exhibition seemed fragile yet were so strong in their beauty and design.

The experience made me wonder who is this person and how come I had not noticed or found her work before. A search revealed that she is/was such a talented Australian sculptor but sadly committed suicide at the age of 47. Robyn Oxley’s gallery introduced me to more of Bronwyn’s works and I am glad to view her works and be inspired by them.

Closer to home I also found time to look at Elizabeth Poole’s website. She currently has some of her cow pieces on display in Maleny Artworks Gallery. I really liked her installation work particularly her series of ‘boats’. It is great to have these talented people out there – they recharge my creative batteries.

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