Friday, July 6, 2012

A Friday Light Catcher

For some time I have walked past an old set of callipers that have sat on a table in the garage for months just waiting to be included in an assemblage. The callipers were bought from a market - they appeared to be in working order but in fact the screw mechanism was split and worn and they wouldn't really function as a measuring tool - but had potential for an assemblage. Still being on light duties today I decided to turn the callipers into a simple small Light Catcher.

©2012 Barry Smith - Crystal from Holding Light
The small Light Catcher that emerged is called Holding Light. The crystal is from Christine Elcoate's mum's chandelier; the brass base is cut from a recycled 5mm thick brass name plate off a building; the crystal is held in place with new stirling silver pins; and the brass base is held together with small new brass bolts.

©2012 Barry Smith - Light Catcher - Holding Light
©2012 Barry Smith - Detail from Holding Light
©2012 Barry Smith - Back view of crystal from Holding Light
To hold the stirling silver wire in place I cut a couple of grooves into the calliper 'wings'. The calliper is held onto the brass base by a brass bolt and the ball on the calliper winder is seated into a drilled out hollow in the base. Superglue was used to hold the broken parts of the calliper firm and to attach the ball into the base hollow. The whole piece is about 160mm long, 50mm wide and 120mm high.


  1. and on a physically light day...
    a light day...
    it went lightly...
    how you do what you do - so very moving... you know, they way you make, it seems the result is the only logical conclusion... of course, that crystal belonged in those calipers - like a gemologist examining a diamond in his tweezers... but bigger...
    and the photography is stunning as well... i hope this piece left you feeling well satisfied and maybe a bit buoyant... (because i didn't dare throw in the word 'light' again!)

  2. Delicious composition. I love that luzl collector. Greetings.

  3. Wonderfully done, Barry! This is delightful!

  4. MJ, L, JM & S/R - thanks for the comments-feedback. This was a really lovely creative exercise and as MJ says it was both light and gave an uplifting feeling - nice to get carried away with light!!! L- delicious is a great word for this simple piece - thanks. JM - always good when the concept and reality match. S/R - a de'light'ful - good play on words - love it. This little light catcher has now made its way into my shop. All - go well. B


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