Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Restoring body and spirit

Fiona and I went AWOL - headed to the beach about 45 minutes drive from the mountain. It was an opportunity to take a few days out to: sleep, read, walk, coffee and take in the beauty of the river, sea and sand.

Though we captured much with our eyes and minds, the iPhone was used to take in a few images to share.
©2012 Barry Smith - Low tide - where the river meets the sea
©2012 Barry Smith - Gentle curve of golden sand
And as you can see often it was about the texture.

©2012 Barry Smith - Shadows and sand ripples
©2012 Barry Smith - Gently floating by
Or prints in the sand.

©2012 Barry Smith - Dog print - sharp impression
©2012 Barry Smith - As in flight - a child's toes only touch the sand
Reflected light.

©2012 Barry Smith - Brooding fading light - a touch of red
© 2012 Barry Smith - Fiona mesmerised by the gentle waves and soft light
©2012 Barry Smith - Sun reflections - like oil on the water
©2012 Barry Smith - Pelican - cruising in a molten sea
And I altered a small number of the shots.

©2012 Barry Smith - Soft ghostly print
©2012 Barry Smith - Viens of silver, copper and violet
©2012 Barry Smith - Soft light from a brooding sky
The break away has refreshed us in both body and spirit - we are back on our beautiful mountain and back into the full flow of life.


  1. Lovely photos, glad you had such a nice break, cold and stormy here

  2. Hi Barry - I am not usually a fan of altered shots but those three images are knock out :-)

  3. Breathtaking. What a lovely getaway and amazing shots.

  4. Breathtaking. Amazing photos from a lovely getaway.

  5. Great images!! Especially like the textured sand.
    Glad you went AWOL.... so the SEA could whisper some inspiration to you.

  6. Excellent photos, color, composition, content, creativity ... have it all these beautiful beaches.

  7. The ocean is always a treat for mind,body,spirit. How nice to be so close to it. Beautiful pics.

  8. such gorgeous photographs! loved each and every one!

  9. Ahhh, the ocean - I long for it always... glad you could get away to refresh body and spirit. Love the last altered photo - sensational!

  10. P, SB, VA, L, SZQ, TL & S/R - seems like the sea and water offers a lot to many of us. P - sorry to hear it is gloomy your way - hope you have a few sunny winter days ahead - so you can get into those sheds. SB - I was bowled over by you comment - thanks. AA - thanks for your comment and glad you liked the images. VA - that sand texture was so crisp - nature is such an artist. And you are right the sea whispers - both restoring and inspiring. SZQ - ahh - another sea-water lover - bit tough for you where you live at the moment. TL - glad you liked the shots. S/R - some shots just turn out so right - thanks. Go well, see well and be inspired. B

  11. I can almost feel my feet in that wet sand. Glad you could both get away and relax in such beautiful surroundings.

  12. Beautiful.... it's lovely to hear & see you both enjoying some relaxation & the healing power of the ocean. love x

  13. wow, barry, that final altered shot looks just like ecodyed fabric, but then, the original was so beautiful i would have never thought to alter it. great vision!

  14. beautiful images B. the wonders you do with your iphone!! love the last photo especially. very powerful. glad you guys had a nice outing ... i probably need to do that some time. looking at the concrete jungle around me is becoming pretty frustrating.

  15. R, T/S, V & LT - thanks for your thoughts regarding relaxing and healing. T/S - The ocean is certainly a good healing source. V - amazing what we see through our different eyes - I would never have seen ecodying until you saw that through your eyes. LT - time out is important - concrete jungles make it hard. There is a mountain and valley awaiting you and yours over here. Go well and see inspiring sights. B


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