Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Soft valley morning and other bits

Today Fiona and I were heading to the city for the morning to do some business and pick up a few supplies. It meant getting up 'earlyish' to have breakfast and head down the hill to catch the train at 8am for the 1.5 hour trip to Brisbane. The morning and the valley greeted us with an amazing soft cloud filled morning as you can see from the grainy iPhone telephoto shots below; but beautiful soft greys and blues.

©2012 Barry Smith  - Soft grey-blue morning mountains
©2012 Barry Smith - Cloud wisps flood the valley
©2012 Barry Smith - Flowing across the hills
Of course the scene did not remain static - the clouds flowed and rolled across the hills and valley covering the mountains and eventually 'whiting' out the valley completely. There was not a lot of time in the city for sight seeing as we were scheduled to catch the return train at 1pm. But walking down the CBD mall we were amazed to see a installation (partial photograph below) on one of the store complex's front facade - about 50m long by 10m high. The work depicted trees, leaves, butterflies etc - very soft nature focussed but created from what appeared to be hard flat sheet metal with many layers.

©2012 Barry Smith - Facade - Mall Brisbane
And a few days ago the sun was streaming into the kitchen and creating gems of light by reflection off shiny surfaces. Very transitory - but captured with the trusty iPhone.

©2012 Barry Smith - Line of light on stone bench
©2012 Barry Smith - Fan of light on stone bench
On the train on the way home I altered a few of the shots.

©2012 Barry Smith - Fan of light - altered
©2012 Barry Smith - Line of light - altered
©2012 Barry Smith - Facade - altered - city streets?
The altered shot of the installation on the building facade almost looks like a linocut print of a city grid - fairly appropriate given it was in the CBD. As they say in the classics you are never without an artistic opportunity when you have your iPhone.


  1. Great images, Barry!! Love the "sun transit" shots. The mist-filed valley is good inspiration for paintings. How are you feeling these days?

  2. Such amazing photos, B - the shots of the landscape are magical, a real paradise on earth. And I love the alteration of the facade photo! It does seem that opportunity for art is omnipresent - but it takes the right eye and willingness to seize it. Wishing you and F all the best.

  3. wonderful to see your trip and scenes and then your artful creations. Lovely evening to you and Fiona.

  4. You do have an unbeatable view Barry. Love the photos of light... that's what photography is all about.

  5. MM, VA, TT/G, TL & JM - it is always good to be able to share the special things we see - not always fortunate to capture them with the camera. And F & I really appreciate where we live and what nature offers. VA - the misty valley reminds me so much of your watercolours. TT/G it is magic and we are happy to share. Some of the shots are about seizing the moments. I said to F that I could only get our morning juice after I had ducked outside to take a few shots as I knew the cloud would go and the light would change - all in a few minutes. TL - glad IO can reciprocate as I often enjoy being on trips with you as you wander your lake and forest. JM - never tire of that view. All go well and enjoy the sights and sounds of your journey. B


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