Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Busy bees

I was not sure what was happening with the bees in the following photos - all I know they were grouped together on the outside and back of a hive and very active - may be about to swarm - still I wanted to get up close and check them out - and yes there were bees buzzing all around - be confident right!!!! Couldn't get a really clear macro shot with the iPhone as there was too much movement four the camera to focus on. There are quite a few hives in the yard I cut through (with permission) on my way to Treehaven Way.

©2014 Barry Smith - Very busy bees
©2014 Barry Smith - A little closer and clearer
©2014 Barry Smith - A bit of communication going on?
Anyway the bee episode gave way to the beauty of flowers.

And bee on our roses.

There is always something to lift one on early morning walks. Makes me realise I'm alive and am just part of a big active world.


  1. Oh I can smell the roses from here!
    Sandy in the UK

  2. And that gardenia! Beautifully photographed with your iPhone, B. The bees are wonderful and the close up of communicating bees is also a great pic. I'm really enjoying your walks...

  3. Hi s and c - thanks for your visit and comments - sorry about the delay in response - been on the road.


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