Friday, November 28, 2014

Classy Steampunk

I have called this Steampunkish pendant Time and Star Travel because I was using watch parts and to me the jewels in the fob-watch (garnets) looked like red stars.  I then continued the star theme with the solid sterling silver star rivet  at the centre and the brass rivets around the edge; and all on a blue sky background.

I like how ideas take shape on the anvil.

©2014 Barry Smith - Elements of a pendant

And then progress to fruition. The pendant needs a good clean and shine but it is close to completion. The pendant is about 50mm in diameter - it will be a strong classy statement piece.

©2014 Barry Smith - Time and Star Travel
I think it could be worn high on the neck using a solid wire.

It is good to make a piece just because the metal speaks.


  1. Hi S - I think this has potential - folk seem to like a bit of color with the brass. B


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