Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Endings and beginnings

This Wednesday's early morning walk was characterised by plants and flowers having achieved their outcome (beauty or fruit) and those starting the journey - including the bees busy pollinating.

Endings included the final berries on our coffee crop, the last of out Sweet-peas, and the dandelion seed heads.

But of course there are some in between bits.

And the new beginnings - bees at work, new lime blossoms, and the first Frangipani of the year for us.

Another glorious colourful morning. I love the little bugs lurking in a couple of the flowers. Photos taken with the iPhone.


  1. beautiful photographs Barry - love the spider inside the flower.

  2. Glorious! And I love that Petrea...

  3. Hi SB & C - always good to share the beauty of nature on Wednesday's walks with friends. Go well and enjoy what nature offers. B


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