Tuesday, September 20, 2016

International Peace Day 21 September

As the blog title says tomorrow is International Peace Day - a time to stop and reflect and to choose peace - peace in our daily lives and peace globally.

©2016 Barry Smith - Peace bird 
Each year Fiona and I try to honour the day by making a bit of art stuff and hanging it in our "peace tree" at the front of our block. We were encouraged to do this by a project started in 2012 by friend and fellow artist Mary Jane.

This year I decided to go again with my "peace birds". Many of last year's birds had fluttered to the ground and were given away as peace token; and the last 9 were taken down and used on our Christmas tree - so I made 12 more to bring me up to 21. Why 21 - well 21 September is the date of the international peace day.

©201Barry Smith - Some of this year's peace birds before stamping
Yesterday Fiona and I installed our bits: Fiona's imagine peace cards; and my peace birds.

©2016 Barry Smith
©2016 Barry Smith - One of Fiona's imagine peace cards with the remnants of a peace weather gram from 2015
©2016 Barry Smith - One of Fiona's imagine peace cards
©2016 Barry Smith - One of Fiona's imagine peace cards
©2016 Barry Smith - Peace birds and imagine peace card
It was a very windy afternoon so was quite hard to photograph the pieces - but we thought of it as the wind distributing peace.



  1. I'm so late catching up but your Peace tree gives a wonderful message and Fiona's cards and your birds are real treasures.


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