Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Of clouds and spring activity

What a difference a couple of days can make. The photos below are of the light, scudding and rolling clouds of this morning.

©2016 Barry Smith - Such light, layers and shapes
©2016 Barry Smith - Looking from sunrise to the reflected light of sunrise
©2016 Barry Smith - Drifting fragments - layered - looking east
Compare those with this photo taken on Monday morning - rolling but in a heavy ominous way.

©2016 Barry Smith -  Love the deep blue greys of this morning
The mornings are becoming lighter and the evidence of spring can be seen in the bursting buds, colours and the activity of bees and birds.

©2016 Barry Smith - Delicate 1cm flowers catching the growing light 
©2016 Barry Smith - Below the flower above was this surprise - a beautiful Satin Bowerbird bower - so elegant

©2016 Barry Smith - Though it was only 6am these bees had already been working long enough to have a stash of pollen on their legs
Seeds are shooting including the clump of pumpkins seedlings in our pumpkin patch. I dug six holes and threw clumps of seeds in thinking a couple would come forth - well I now have six clumps of seedings. I will thin the clumps to the strongest two plants.

©2016 Barry Smith - A grove of Jap or Kent pumpkin seedlings
I'm enjoying the light and cool of spring.


  1. sky change-marvelous. we're losing light here, but it's mild and beautiful this september.

  2. Lovely photos as usual Barry. Bet it's warmer than here.

  3. Glorious skies, Barry! Such wonderful flowers showing us that Spring really is here. Of course we'll soon have daylight saving to mess with the early mornings but I admit, I don't really mind...

  4. Still so interesting to me to be enjoying the coming of fall here, even as you immerse yourselves in spring. Lovely pics and those skies....just beautiful! Enjoy!

  5. Hi V, P, C & P (aka MBPW) - thanks for checking out the images of our space and commenting. V - it always makes me smile to think of us sharing our places. P - glad it is getting a little warmer. C - I'm already amazed that sunrise is at 5.41am - how can that be? P - it is a good thing that we can share different sides of the globe yet feel so close. All - go well. B


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