Sunday, November 26, 2017

Lamps with an antique past

©2017 Barry Smith - Art nouveau bracket or adornment on a battered brass antique gas light pipe
I did get time today to finish the two Artisan Lamps I started on Friday. A little lethargic today after many hours of sanding on Friday and Saturday - but the decks are looking good though a shower of rain meant we could not finish them on Saturday. Hopefully there will be a few rain free days next week to enables us to complete the job.

Anyway back to the lamps. The key components of both lamps are antique gas light brass hardware (pipes, talk etc) that are 100-150 years old. I brought a stash of beaten and heavily corroded pieces in a box at a recycling sale - probably 2-3 years ago.

One of the lamps has a very art nouveau look about it. The gas pipe and decorative bracket are both quite delicate; but I like the artistic curve of the lamp.

©2017 Barry Smith - The finished art nouveau influenced Artisan Lamp - also includes gas ring from an old stove and other steel and brass found objects.
©2017 Barry Smith
The second lamp includes a strong brass piece that has two taps. I'm guessing it would have been used to shut off the gas to different parts of a house.

©2017 Barry Smith - Twin tap Artisan Lamp - main component os the brass piece with two shut-off taps - also includes a base plate from an old gas stove and other brass objects.
©2017 Barry Smith - The antique ceramic and brass light fitting has an unusual built in rotary switch
It was good to finally get to use the gas lighting parts and combine them with the antique electric light fitting I collected in Krakow.


  1. Your talent and eye matched up with the skill in your hands.... perfection. They are just perfection.

  2. MB & MC - thanks for your blog visit and comments. MB - not sure about the perfection part but I'm always glad when the bits come together. MC - glad you like them - simple but a certain elegance from the past. Peace. B


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