Sunday, November 19, 2017

On the wall

I was planning to make and post on an Artisan Lamp - made using one of the ceramic and metal light fittings from Krakow; but as I'm still feeling a little under the weather I decided instead to sort some photos from the trip and post on those.

Photos always seem to fall into categories - so I thought I'd post on bits and pieces that appeared on walls in Krakow

I like the weathered and even overwritten nature of some of the wall images - layers of life and layers of messages!!!


  1. Wow. The lady with the tan band across her eyes is a poignant statement!

  2. You have lots of fodder to work with...ideas a plenty to play when you are well...

  3. Sorry to hear you're unwell B - wishing a speedy recovery! I'm a bit partial to the weathered look myself - a lovely selection of images.

  4. thank you for these wonderful images, barry. i hope you feel better soon.


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