Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Light and shadow - home and away

©2017 Barry Smith - Reflected light and shadow from the edge of a large crystal platter by Toini Mouna (Arabia 1943) - seen in Stockholm design collection exhibition
I never tire of glimpses of shadows or shadow like images - whether created by morning light; or lighting creating edges or fragile replicas or contrasts.

This morning's walk started with a sullen, sodden, shadowy sky and ended in rain. The shadow valley was a lovely welcome back to the mountain.

©2017 Barry Smith - Grey morning valley
On our trip away I was caught on quite a few occasions by shadow edges and reflected shadow images. Some I saw are below.

©2017 Barry Smith - Shadows deep in a funnel shaped glass bowl
©2017 Barry Smith - A weaver through her weaving - Dovecot tapestry studio in Edinburgh
©2017 Barry Smith - Moss Circle by Caroline Dear 2010 at Dovecot
©2017 Barry Smith - Woven reeds by Caroline Dear at Dovecot 
©2017 Barry Smith - Shadow of a suspended sculpture 
©2017 Barry Smith - Flooding ethereal light deep in the waters of the salt mine outside Krakow
©2017 Barry Smith - Light and dark - in the salt mine outside Krakow
©2017 Barry Smith - Edge of a scroll of handmade paper in a student exhibition in Krakow
©2017 Barry Smith - Stylistic cat image in a shop display
©2017 Barry Smith - Wild weather in the highlands of Scotland
Though shadows catch the eye - so do the unfurling frangipani after rain.

©2017 Barry Smith


  1. beautiful photos there & back again especially love seeing the view of your valley and the rain on the Frangipani!


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