Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Another moist and misty morning

©Barry Smith - Brilliant purple with crystal clear droplets
It has been raining almost every day for over a month now. Fiona and I were away for quite a bit of it experiencing crisp cold snow days. When I walked Treehaven Way this morning I met one of the regular walkers and she said "I'm just over it now." She and her dogs did not look like they were enjoying the misty morning.

©Barry Smith - Tree at top of our driveway
©Barry Smith - A subdued family of magpies in the mist
Still it is a good time for fungi and seed pods - they are beginning to pop up in all shapes and sizes.

©Barry Smith - Micro fungi - about five mm in diameter
©Barry Smith - Fungi on the book wall
©Barry Smith I love how the droplets are cascading from this fungi
©Barry Smith - Fungi on the base of a stump
©Barry Smith - Seeds bursting forth
©Barry Smith
The valley was totally whited out this morning.  On Monday it was shrouded in cloud - lots of clod puddles amongst the trees.

©Barry Smith
I guess if the rain ceases it won't be too long before we are complaining about needing water for the tanks and plants - we can be fickle.

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  1. So good to have you home B. And what amazing photos. Love those seeds bursting forth.


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