Friday, March 23, 2018

Light and other fragments from Scotland

Even though it is Friday and of course that usually means time in the studio-garage that just could not happen today as there were too many on-the-block jobs and a community share house meeting.

To give myself a little art injection I looked at some of my iPhone photos from the recent time spent in the northern highlands of Scotland.

The light in the highlands can be quite different to that on the mountain; and of course the presence of snow added to the mix.

©2018 Barry Smith - Sunset and moon in a cold winter sky
©2018 Barry Smith - Reflection of light on falling snow
©2018 Barry Smith - A subdued snow covered landscape - from the car
©2018 Barry Smith - Sun struggles through a cover of snow laden clouds
©2018 Barry Smith - Sunset on a rare clear afternoon - looking up from Armadale beach
©2018 Barry Smith - Moody land and sea - from the car
©2018 Barry Smith - A roadside visitor
And of course I tend to be drawn to detail of objects and the landscape.

©2018 Barry Smith - Part of a sculpture at John o'Groats
©2018 Barry Smith - Ice, stones and sand on Armadale beach
©2018 Barry Smith - Remnant of a post on Armadale beach
©2018 Barry Smith - Micro flowers on a a tiny moss plant on a rock at Camsten Cairns
©2018 Barry Smith - Delicate lichen filled decoration on a tombstone Bettyhill cemetery
©2018 Barry Smith -Delicate moss on a tombstone Bettyhill cemetery
©2018 Barry Smith - Kelpie sculpture Falkirk
©2018 Barry Smith - Kelpie sculptures Falkirk
©2018 Barry Smith - Reflection of Kelpie sculptures and swan in a loch pond Falkirk
©2018 Barry Smith - Survey marker Camsten Cairns - the meeting of light and dark
Hopefully I will be able to get back into the studio next week.


  1. Great photos! Love seeing the sculptures and then the abstractions that the reflections make of them with the swan

  2. classic photos Barry but gosh it looks cold, you and Fiona are made of much sterner stuff than I!


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