Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Colour and mist to welcome us back

We have been in the remoter north of the Scottish Highlands Scotland for about 5 weeks refurbishing the wee 120 year old stone cottage below.

©2018 Fiona Dempster - Stone cottage in the Scottish Northern Highlands
Maybe more images from the Scotland trip in a following post. We are now back on the mountain.We spent 5 weeks in snow; and have been welcomed home by warmish rain and mist.

©2018 Barry Smith - Looking towards the valley and mountains through a whiteout across the water filled fire pit 
©2018 Barry Smith - Birds on the wires in the mist in Treehaven Way
©2018 Barry Smith - A misty walk along Treehaven Way - Treehaven Way has one street light
Though we are officially into autumn there is still colour and textures to welcome us back.

©2018 Barry Smith - A full head of white crucifix orchids
©2018 Barry Smith - A web suspended blossom
©2018 Barry Smith - Odd shape and colour of an Australian native ground orchid 
©2018 Barry Smith - Odd shape and colour of an Australian native ground orchid  
©2018 Barry Smith - Colour of a ground orchid 
©2018 Barry Smith - This orchid plant has 7 sprays of  orchids
©2018 Barry Smith - Can you see the ants seeking nectar from this ground orchid?
©2018 Barry Smith - Bookwall through a fine web 
So fortunate to be able to experience the contrasts.


  1. Welcome home, what a contrast by the way the stripy looking flower is not an orchid but a type of arum, possibly an arisaema. (I THINK!)

    1. Hi P - I checked your comment out with my father in law who is my go to guy for orchids and who had given us several of these plants - he agrees that it is an arum as the ground orchids actually have ear like petal. B

  2. my experience in staying home this march for a change has been to revel in the highly changeable weather. isn't it amazing that we can travel so far, so easily? welcome home!

  3. welcome home, love your misty mountain & what a beautiful old cottage you have found in Scotland!

  4. What a lovely, quiet landscape your found yourself in Barry. Scotland is a land of mist,fog and story, much like Ireland, a place I have visited. What a nice contrast then to jump into your photos of such vibrant colored flowers, plants, etc. as you enter autumn and here in New Mexico, we enter spring. Welcome Home.

  5. I missed your posts and now I know why.
    The Scottish Home has a lovely sense of balance about it.

  6. Hi P, V MC and T - thanks for your welcome home and other kinds comments. It was good to be away but also to be home. V - a new but rewarding experience for you at home. MC - the cottage is just so Scottish highlands. T - good balance between home and the cottage. All - go well. B


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