Wednesday, January 2, 2019

First morning walk of 2019

©2019 Barry Smith - Dew on rose petals
It was a beautiful soft morning after a night of light dew. Many of the flowers and other bits encountered on the walk were festooned with microscopic droplets like the ones on the rose petals above; and on the leaf below.

©2019 Barry Smith - Dew drops on rose bush leaf - reflecting early morning sunlight
Usually you cannot see the very small spider webs on-in the grass but they showed up in many places because of the dew. Makes one think who is lurking down the neat holes in the web - I did not investigate as I did not want to damage such brilliant web work.

©2019 Barry Smith - Delicate web in the grass
©2019 Barry Smith - Web with tunnel entry and hundreds of  dew droplets
How about the great camouflage of the beetle below? I didn't notice it until I got close and it moved a fraction.

©2019 Barry Smith - Green beetle on Tobacco Bush berries
A few more fragments from the walk.

©2019 Barry Smith
©2019 Barry Smith
©2019 Barry Smith - Small (about 2cm) feather on the road
©2019 Barry Smith - Single Tea Tree blossom
Below are a couple more blossoms from the block.

©2019 Barry Smith - Purple papery blossoms of a purple potato bush
©2019 Barry Smith - Orchid with ants
©2019 Barry Smith - Delicate orchid currently growing amongst leaf litter
Good to be alive in a new year; and good to be experiencing the small beauties on offer.


  1. Wow Barry. Your photos are always so arresting.

    1. Hi Dana - glad you like them - sharing a bit of the beauty around us is good. B


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