Friday, January 4, 2019

Love the process and colour

©2019 Barry Smith - Mixing that gorgeous purple
There has not been a lot of time for creative work today as we are doing a big lot of pruning etc on the block and were pushing to get it finished today.

I did cut up a lot of remnant 15cm square timber into 45cm lengths, 18 lengths, to create a couple of cube installation-thingies - but more on that another time.

I wanted to share a few images of the process and colour involved in printing my 2019 New Year cards.

Letterpress can be quite relaxing if one is willing to work slowly and methodically - and one has a tutor such as Fiona one can call on along the steps of the process. Images of some of the steps and colour follow.

©2019 Barry Smith - Sitting with a mug of tea choosing fonts - using the card system Fiona has created for all our 70 plus metal fonts
©2019 Barry Smith - Deciding on words and layout and font size
©2019 Barry Smith - Trays of spacers
©2019 Barry Smith - Press and type inked up and ready to go
©2019 Barry Smith - Testing the placement of the paper to be printed
©2019 Barry Smith - Making an adjustment to layout
©2019 Barry Smith - Chase back in the press and another proof printed
©2019 Barry Smith - A stash of postcards printed including proofs
©2019 Barry Smith - Fiona and my postcards beside each other - I love how Fiona has over printed the green of the wood type with the purple I used - suffragette colours
I'm already itching to do a wood type poster. So hopefully that will be my next letterpress project.

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  1. Mixing a good purple has been a recent challenge, making me appreciate yours all the more ... mix on!


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