Friday, January 18, 2019

Words for a daily focus or reflection

©2019 Barry Smith - Daily Leaf Word on sandstone - wonder
Recently I sold almost all of my Daily Leaf Words sets. The sets are made up of a shallow hammered bowl and seven leaf forms with inspirational words stamped on them. The leaf forms provide the owner with the opportunity to randomly draw out a leaf word each day. If the owner wanted, the word could provide a mindful focus for the day. At different times durning the day it is possible to reflect on the chosen word to centre one's thinking or have a calming stilling impact.

The words in my Daily Leaf Words sets are as follows:

©2019 Barry Smith
I decided to make seven sets. It started with cutting and stamping the 49 pieces of silver-plated metal.

©2019 Barry Smith
Then folding them; cutting them into the half leaf shape; hammering them; opening the hammered pieces; and then grinding and polishing the unfolded leaf forms.

©2019 Barry Smith
©2019 Barry Smith - Offcuts of leaf forms
©2019 Barry Smith
©2019 Barry Smith - Riveting hammer adapted and polished to be used in fold forming
©2019 Barry Smith - Antique square brass weight used to do the fourth stage of the unfolding
©2019 Barry Smith
I managed to grind and polish 14 leaf forms - I hope to do the other 35 over the weekend - time permitting.

©2019 Barry Smith - Seven Daily Leaf Words
However, before I settle into relaxation on Friday evening I'm going out into the cooler afternoon to continue to cut up the big 200mm square logs that were delivered about a week ago. More on that on Sunday.


  1. If I were to see your process seven times seven it would still not be too much ... endlessly delight-full

  2. LA and Anon - sorry for my neglect. LA - I think one advantage of the blogs is the ability to post and read about folks process - so much more than some other platforms. Go well. B


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