Thursday, August 22, 2019

Highland fragments

©2019 Barry Smith - Stone caught in cliff wall
Fiona and I are currently in the highlands - we've been here for a couple of days and already it weaves its magic - colour, unpredictable weather and different light. Given it is hard to adjust to the laptop to do a blog this first will just be a few images from the last couple of days walks.

©2019 Barry Smith Hidden waterfall 
©2019 Barry Smith - Fiona making her way back through the natural tunnel from the hidden waterfall 
©2019 Barry Smith - Cable on the beach
©2019 Barry Smith - A favourite view - looking out to sea from the headland at the end of the village
©2019 Barry Smith - Love the mauve
©2019 Barry Smith - Full blossom
©2019 Barry Smith- Froth patterns in the burn flowing into the sea
©2019 Barry Smith - Armadale Bay - tide fully out - early morning light
The morning started bright and cloudy but then the blue broke through  - the afternoon is now grey and quiet.


  1. what a beautifully wild place !

  2. How exquisite. Thank you for sharing, Barry.

  3. So lovely. Thank you for sharing. I will never get there but I can dream.

  4. MC and P - as you can see I’m playing a bit of catch up on responding to blog comments - sorry as I do appreciate them. I hope to continue to share and do better at responding. B


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