Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Of edges and light

©2019 Barry Smith - Defined morning moon in an inky sky
The moon on Tuesday morning , very early, was stunning such clarity - the edge where it drifted into darkness was so well defined.

©2019 Barry Smith  - The edge of darkness
I loved how the early morning light pushed from the east and seemed to driving the darkness westwards.

©2019 Barry Smith  - Lucious light drifting in from the east
Talking about edges - this small rainbow cut across the ruffle on one of F's tops - meandering its way over the ruffles and edges.

©2019 Barry Smith  - Rainbow weaving
And this little visitor was ruffling its features to pick up the warmth of the sun.

©2019 Barry Smith  - All fluffed up for the morning sun


  1. MC - indeed - mountains and valleys and craters all visible. Go well. B


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