Friday, February 14, 2020


©2020 Barry Smith - Aluminium rivets and hairy oak timber
My time today was split between oiling timber decks and oiling timber for pendants and earrings. I was pleased I could get a few hours on Friday to finish the pendants and earrings I started last Friday. The hand sanding was done and rivets glued in place before I oiled the pieces.

©2020 Barry Smith  - Hand sanded pieces
©2020 Barry Smith  - Rivets glued into place
I like how they have turned out - the contrast of the metal rivets and earwigs against the timber.

©2020 Barry Smith  - The beautiful colour of conker berry timber
©2020 Barry Smith  - Pour pendants yet to get their cord
©2020 Barry Smith  - Simple strong place cord to complement the timber
©2020 Barry Smith  - Squared conker berry pendants
©2020 Barry Smith  - Longer pendant with cord
We will see what the rest of the weekend brings. Given the rain has stopped today it might mean yard work (mowing) and oiling more decks.

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