Friday, February 21, 2020


©2020 Barry Smith - The Lightning Jobber - some parts dismantled for transport - very heavy cast iron press from 1890.
Fiona and I are moving our letterpress press-studio (Decklededge Press) into town - into a commercial space. It will mean we are able to spread out the printing equipment and operate more efficiently and hopefully effectively.

The studio in the shed was looking quite bare this morning as we had moved the type cabinets, trestles, storage cabinets, about 80 draws of type etc etc on Tuesday.

©2020 Barry Smith  - Looking across the near empty studio
©2020 Barry Smith  - A stack of trestle table 'legs' 
©2020 Barry Smith  - Two galley presses ready for loading
©2020 Barry Smith  - Etching press 
Today was the day to move the presses.  Moving the Lightning Jobber Press was a very heavy and slightly challenging task.

©2020 Barry Smith  - Matt and Mark gently manoeuvring the press out the door
©2020 Barry Smith  - Lending a hand to stabilise the press
©2020 Barry Smith  - Making a ramp out of encyclopaedias
©2020 Barry Smith  - All hands to the press to get it up on to a level section of the drive
©2020 Barry Smith  - Safely in the truck
We are now in the process of getting it all sorted. We will share a few photos on that on Sunday after we have had more time to find new homes for things.


  1. Sounds interesting, and strenuous!

  2. wow! that looks heavy, enjoy the new space!

  3. Wow, this is the kind of activity that finally wore me out -- moving all the equipment every two years! Looking forward to seeing shots from the new studio, may it be everything you need it to be xx


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