Friday, March 30, 2012

Caught on the wire

I'm currently working on a number of new leaf inspired pieces for a couple of exhibitions-art prize competitions.  When we were in NYC Fiona and I were walking though a park in Brooklyn and were both captivated by the leaves that were piled against the park fence and the leaves caught in the fence wire.

Fiona Dempster © Leaves on the fence - Brooklyn NY
That experience inspired me to create a piece that incorporated only those two elements: wire and leaves. The piece I have made is called Caught on the wire. It is about 2m high by about 1m wide. The wire (courtesy of Caroline) is crumpled in places to give a 3D effect. The leaves appear to be caught in these crumpled areas. The crumpled wire and leaves create some nice subtle shadows as well.

Barry Smith © Caught on the wire

Fiona Dempster © Caught on the wire - side perspective
The temptation was to put masses of leaves on the piece but that is not how it happens in nature - there is quite a lot of negative space - so this work has quite a lot of negative space. The close-ups below of sections show that sometimes a line of leaves can be caught; and at other times just one of two leaves.

Barry Smith © Flow of leaves 
Barry Smith © Pocket of caught leaves
Barry Smith © Leaves in suspension
Fiona Dempster © The outrider leaf
Fiona Dempster © A quiet statement
All the leaves are fold formed from recycled anodised aluminium from found and donated saucepan lids and cake tins. The leaves are tied to the wire frame with light 'silver' coated wire.

And now we are off to celebrate Fiona's birthday at a local restaurant - great end to a Friday.


  1. Barry, this is just gorgeous and very collectible. Meaning of course that I would love it on my wall! I wish... I survived nmy first sawing lesson. Such a lot of fun, and I was pretty hopeless at it but will persevere. Happy birthday Fiona!

  2. Isn't is always a bit of a surprise to find what inspires us? Leaves on a fence in Central Park... Your sculpture is so wonderful. I expect a leaf to fly off in the breeze at any second.

  3. Love the lines the wire creates, like drawn lines describing the bending planes in space.

  4. Love these caught leaves! Hope your dinner went well. Sending you both much love.

  5. B - Quite incredible and very organic!! i love how your mind works ... it's amazing how you can be inspired by the simple yet beautiful things in everyday life that ordinary ppl tend to dismiss or not notice.

  6. An inspired piece. Love the idea of the shadows.

  7. Absolutely stunning, Barry! And proves once again, inspiration is everywhere... love the colourfulness of this piece - it looks so happy.
    Wishing the two of you a wonderful evening and Happy Birthday wishes for Fiona!

  8. I enjoyed seeing your photograph develop into sculpture and I particularly love the pocket of caught leaves.

  9. i am beginning to feel like quite the bum! you are on fire... i love this idea for the leaves... each one more interesting than the next... do you feel like this is the most comprehensive group of projects you have done? MD

  10. ~nature inspiring once more...when one takes the time to really look and see the little things many pass by it can manifest into some beautiful creating...a job well done!!! hope you had a wonderful night celebrating fionas birthday...much love light and blessings be with you and yours~

  11. C, J, VA, TT,LT, JM, S/R, R, MJ & B - all thanks for the feedback - sorry for the tardy acknowledgement - all the effoer in the production?? C -glad you think it is collectable - hopes others will as well. J- they are so light they could fly away. VA - I agree the wire creates lines and texture. TT & S/R - the dinner went well. LT -& S/R - for many of us the inspiration comes from the most ordinary of places does it not? R - pockets of caught leaves - I too love that notion. MJ - your observation is right - this series of works is one of the most themed ones I have done in bigger pieces. B - as you know a walk in the park is always the opportunity to be inspired by the cleverness of nature. Go well. B


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