Sunday, March 4, 2012

A tiny tinkling temple gong

On Friday I made a mini temple gong that I thought would be part of my next COMA exhibition piece. However, Fiona and I decided that the gong I made did not allow for enough 'breathing' space around it if I set it into the back of the canvas - size prescribe by our fearless leader Ken Munsie.

So two possible options included mounting the mini temple gong on the front of the canvas; or making a small gong to fit the space in the back.  I decided I liked the first gong enough to want to keep it in our lives for a bit longer and therefore make a second one for the COMA exhibition.

Barry Smith © Tiny temple gong - Sunburst
As you can see from the photo above I have made a tiny gong (about 120-150mm in diameter) - I call this one "sunburst" - for the obvious reason.  Below are a couple of before and after (polishing) shots. The eyes tend to play tricks on me when I look at the back and front views in the rough - but I assure you that it is true.

Barry Smith © TT gong in the rough - back

Barry Smith © TT gong in the rough - front
Barry Smith © Polished - Sunburst
This tiny gong does not have the deep bass resonance of the earlier one; but still has a sweet tone when struck with a soft 'gonger'.


  1. The gong looks great on the wood with the cracks radiating outward, like sound.

  2. how truly wonderful these are! nice that you were 'forced' to make another - i don't know if i could have parted with the other one myself...

  3. Big or small they are both wonderful. You could wrap the gong handle in leather and it would be a lower sound.

  4. Did it need to be on a canvas at all? I would've reckoned it was a 'stand alone' piece....BUT I wouldn't have parted with it anyway. Love the smaller one too.

  5. Fantastic - you have me wondering if I could make one out of copper...

  6. R, MD. SZQ, JM & S/R - Thanks for your willingness to put up with a second gong. R-the radiating wood did pick up the hammer strokes on the gong as well. MD - I agree I'm not sure I could have parted with it anyway. SZQ - I tried it with a bit of sift leather and the sound is so much more subtle. JM - King Ken wanted wall pieces. S/R I think you would need to used brass or - something with tin in it to give more hardness to the copper - EPNS would be good I think - I am going to try it for a small sining bowl. Go well. B

  7. Yes, I love that gong, creating excellent, beautiful photos. Greetings.


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