Friday, March 9, 2012

Portable shrine - work in process

Today, Friday, has been a balanced sort of day: a morning walk and coffee; some community work; art; acupuncture; weeding; and now a glass of bubbles - all is well.

Barry Smith © Portable personal shrine -- front - reflected sunlight and mountains
The art today took the form of starting on a portable personal shrine. As you can see from the photo above and the series below I have got a long way with it but have not finished polishing; lining; installing a few bits and pieces for the user; and adding the silk tie to hold it together when it is being transported.

Barry Smith © PPS - shrine and storage section
Barry Smith © PPS - front and back - plus 'stand'
Barry Smith © PPS - front - on timber
The shrine is 12.5cm high and 8.5cm wide  - the pointed bit is about a third of the whole piece; and the body is roughly a 8.5cm square. The back storage and shrine section is made from recycled copper; and the front from a left over piece of brass from one of my COMA pieces. You might see I found a flat steel object which I have adapted to be the 'stand' when setting up the shrine. The silver decorative pieces are from an EPNS fruit bowl I cut up ages ago. The piece has many hand formed copper and brass rivets. The holes punched in the storage area of the back is where the silk tie will be threaded through.

I hope to get the time to complete this piece over the weekend.


  1. I have typed and deleted several times , trying to express how I feel about your Personal Shrines. They really are exquisite, Barry!

  2. you have this gift for taking something rustic and adding refinement to it that is so unexpected... the decorative pieces add so much... i love the structure of the shrine and your thoughts on its construction, display and portability are so interesting... it must have felt like really good work to be doing... (i guess it all does though when you are in it, right?) but this is extra special - like the gong...

  3. Wow, beautiful, Barry! I especially love the almost tree-like cut out on the front. The contrast in forms and patinas is stunning!

    Does indeed sound like a balanced day! Hope your weekend (and mine) is also.

  4. Words won't do it justice Barry....this series is so beautiful and invites stillness and contemplation! Wonderful!

  5. ~i am speechless once it the coffee...if so could you send a cup my way...or the morning stroll...maybe the balance from a dose of accupuncture creating peace and harmony in your mind...manifesting beautiful thoughts and in turn forging these metals into a gorgeous shrine...i can't wait to see it well and much love light and blessings~

  6. An exquisite piece Barry. You wont have that for long I'll bet.

  7. So very special and beautiful. I wish I could spend a day in your studio with you - so much I could learn! This piece is extraordinary, Barry!

  8. This is a precious piece B - humble, beautiful, special. Wonderful.

  9. that is so beautiful B ... i was just thinking about your shrines a couple of days ago, wondering when you're gonna be making another ... and here it is :)

  10. R, MD, VA, P/MB, B, JM, S/R FD, & L - really pleased this work struck a cord with you all - some works are more than just the metal - this is about spirit, people, history etc.
    R-I had to smile - glad you liked it a lot and hope you like the finished product. MD - you are right - the very act of creating it gave rather than took. VA - I agree it does have a tree like feel and so right for this piece. P - stillness is good - thanks. B-had to smile about the coffee - glad you liked the result of whatever it was. S/R - well you can always drop over and be an artist in residence. FD - glad you liked it - as you now know it is yours. L - these things tend to have there time. I have thought about the portable shrines for a couple of years but the muse really hit me after visiting the Rubin and catching up with Boris and Richard. Go well. B


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