Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Some like them raw

It is still raining on the mountain so there is not a lot of opportunity to get outside and do jobs on the block - though today I managed to mow and harvest pumpkins. Still the wet weather provides the opportunity to zip down into the garage-studio in the afternoon for a couple of hours and belt something out after doing work work etc. I'm in leaf production mode. There are at least another 120 to be foldformed by the end of the weekend.

Over the weekend we will be catching up with fellow artist Jo Murray - she has some recycled metal for me; and has been coveting some small leaves for earrings. But Jo does not want the 'polished shiny ones' - she wants leaves as they come out of the fire and off the anvil - in their raw hammered state. Though I had a pair ready I always like to give people choices so I made a few more raw leaves for her to choose from as you can see from below.

Barry Smith © Small 'soft' leaves in raw for (25-30mm long)
Barry Smith © Long thin leaves in the raw (35mm long)
Barry Smith © Four pairs of leaves in the raw
I have cut and folded about 60 leaf forms ready for hammering and unfolding.

Barry Smith © Anodised aluminium leaf forms - cut and folded
But one of the lovely aspects of the cutting of the recycled anodised aluminium lids, cake 'tins' and storage containers into leaf forms is the glittery bling offcuts.

Barry Smith © Delicious anodised aluminium offcuts
One of the less creative phases of making pieces that are  made up of multiples is the almost production line approach one needs to take to the making of all the multiple pieces - so it is important for me to keep the vision in my mind and see each piece in its place in the bigger installation.


  1. All I can say is Yum, Yum, and Yum... and THANKS. See ya.

  2. Thanks for the link, Barry. Can't decide between the short, fat ones or the long, elegant ones. Such treasures!

  3. oh ... i am SO with Jo :)
    and you know what i say Jo ... fat ones fat ones fat ones ;)

  4. I like those colorful leaves, a good reason to shoot.

  5. I am with Jo.... like them raw! But, yes they are all treasures!

  6. Looks like there are lots of like minds out there. Thanks Luthien... I think fat ones too!

  7. JM, L, L & CM - well it looks like there are those who like the natural raw look. L - am glad that you are there to help JM with her choice of leaves. L-the colour is captivating. Thanks for feedback. Go well and create well. B

  8. ~raw...metal in its natural state is gorgeous but alas i am also partial to your polished pieces...both ways are enticing to the eyes!!! be well and happy producing...much love light and blessings~

  9. The offcut bling is really beautiful. No doubt you will find a way to use it. The natural earring leaves for Jo are really lovely. Things don't have to be shiny, do they?


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