Friday, July 27, 2012

Four bowls for Friday

There are times when I know that I am a little crazy. Who in their right minds would attempt to cut, beat and polish four small bowls in an afternoon? Anyway that is the goal I had set myself for my Friday art afternoon.

Fiona is off to spend the weekend with her friend Sue in Melbourne. I drove her to the airport late this morning. I thought I'd be home by about 2pm - but got stuck in the mother of all rain storms - so arrived home at 3pm instead. I stuck to the idea that I would attempt the four small bowls. As you can see from the photo below I did manage to produce them; but will need do a little more work on them to finish them over the weekend.

©2012 Barry Smith - Four condiment bowls
The reason I'm doing four small bowls (about 5cm wide and high) relates to Ken's most recent COMA challenge - create something that is connected to food to celebrate the Food Festival that will be held in Maleny on 8-9 September. COMA will have an exhibition in a coffee shop in our main street. My bowls are 'condiment bowls' for pepper, mustard etc. We have to produce pieces that are 12X12 inches square and be able to be hung on a wall. I will build a small shelf onto my canvas. Three bowls will sit on the shelf and one will be imbedded in the canvas - watch this space???

©2012 Barry Smith - Beaten texture inside one of the bowls
©2012 Barry Smith - Four condiment bowls
When I'm beating different sized bowls I use different sized stakes. You can see from the photo below that my stakes for these bowls are a chrome car tow ball; and a panel beater's handheld form. Cheap and they work.

©2012 Barry Smith - Cheap but effective stakes
A former work colleague died recently and was buried today. Fiona and I could not attend the funeral so we agreed to 'gong' the peace bell. I gonged the bell at sunset.

©2012 Barry Smith - Strong colours of Val's sunset.
The light in the sky was intense and beautiful - may the spirit of Val soar.


  1. Well done Barry! These bowls are beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the completed piece.

  2. I love these bowls Barry - especially the gorgeous textures internally. Big effort for a Friday afternoon. Would love to watch you beat them one day..... Please :-)

  3. So much for taking it easy! As always the bowls are beautiful and I enjoy a few hints of how they are formed. Thanks! Lovely tribute to your friend.

  4. your bowls are gorgeous Barry. your idea for display sounds equally wonderful.

  5. Beautiful bowls, look forward to seeing how they'll be presented...

    nice to have a peace bell to ring for a peaceful transition for your colleague, lovely sentiment.

  6. Great idea, I'm wrecking my brain to come up with something, not working yet! Grrrrr.

  7. LOVE the bowls! They are fabulous - great work. But even more excited about the stakes - a car tow ball! Why didn't I think of that? My husband is going to have to lock the car away now... ;)

  8. amazing concept.. can't wait to see how it plays out! the bowls are stunning, of course!
    I like your peace bell idea...a very zen and spiritual way to remember your colleague.

  9. hey!! i thought you were supposed to take baby steps??? :P but these are GORGEOUS!!! and that ball thingy ... dunno what it is but it sure works miracles in your hands!! xo

  10. R, S, SZQ, TL, VA, M, S/R, LJ & LT - it is good that both the bowls and the bell resonated with you - we are lock to have the temple bell for special occasions. R, TL, VA - hope you are not too disappointed with the display of the bowls - hard to turn such pieces into a wall hanging. S - maybe one day when you are over doing your book thing with Fiona we could have a bowl pause? SZQ & L - my sense is that I am getting beyond baby steeps now - am about 95% fit - will see what the scan says on 3 Aug. M - I'm sure your creative mind will bring forth the goods - but this is a harder challenge. S/R & LT - the tow ball works well on smaller bowls. S/R - the good thing about taking it off the car is it can be returned as the beating does not damage it - so out you go with your shifting spanner. All - go well and be well and strong. B


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