Friday, December 26, 2014

After all it is Friday

Hoping everyone is having a relaxed holiday time. Fiona and I are between visitors. The cleaning and washing has been done so a couple of hours can be had in the garage-studio.

©2014 Barry Smith - Cut silver-plated trays
Recently the trays below were delivered to me - they were Meg's mum's small trays. As no one in the family really wanted then as they were but wanted some thing of  grandmother's and now great grandmother's she asked could I recycle all the trays into a stash of useful, inspirational and jewellery pieces.

©2014 Barry Smith - Upcycling old silver-plated trays
I agreed to make as many pieces as I could from the trays and their handles. The starting point of course is cutting them up. The photo below shows circles for bowls (Starburst and Daily Words); and strips for  pate knives.

Pieces to be used for Daily Word Leaves.

Ornate edges for pendants and brooches I think.

Handles for jewellery - bracelets I think.

And odds and ends - use still to be determined.

All in all a pretty good cutting outcome. I will keep all the pieces in a box - I won't add in additional metal as I want these to treasured as family memories.

The next lot of visitors should be here soon so time to make final preparations.


  1. I love this idea Barry, of using old family silver which would sit in a cupboard and transforming it into beautiful and useful objects for family members to share. Look forward to seeing the end results.

  2. this is what i do when i bring home a garment from the thrift store...wash and deconstruct and prep for the next incarnation.

  3. Love your de constructions Barry - the handles as bangles is an interesting possibility. Look forward to seeing more magic coming from your work bench.

  4. Love the idea of repurposing family things that no one is in need of!

  5. Hi H, V, S, C & VA - thanks for checking out my boxing day offering. I agree turning old family heirlooms into new pieces that carry the memories of the metal are a good way to go. H - the pieces should unfold over the next month or so. V & C - deconstructing is the way to go - first step on the new piece journey. VA - and small art or worked pieces are easier to carry through life. All - go well. B


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