Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Birds, bees and blossoms

The warm weather we have been having combined with the rain from storms has added to the riot of colour and activity seen on my early morning walks. All the flowers etc are on the verge- footpaths - I never have to venture more than a metre or so from the Treehaven Way bitumen.

© 2014 Barry Smith - Detail of a weed - love the glow below the stamen
The bees in the small flowers that pop up each year in the roadside drain.

©2014 Barry Smith - getting right in there to get the good stuff
And the Magpies that seem to control the northern end of Treehaven Way.

©2014 - This is my turf
Colour that greets me on my journey; and insect action on the blossoms - so the bees aren't the only ones out for the goodies the blossoms offer.

And the bees in the neighbourhood hives - so active even a 6am in the morning - note the bee laden with pollen.
©2014 Barry Smith - As they say  - busy bees
I rejoice in each of my walks.


  1. Love joining you on your morning walk, Barry! Go well!

  2. C - the woks are never dull that is for sure. Peace. B


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