Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pickings from our travels

When it comes to travel souvenirs Fiona and I end up in some unusual spots and bring home odd bits.

In Paris we stumbled upon a Saturday market that had some really great stuff but too heavy to carry home - so I settled for a handheld kerosene lamp with a reflective back panel and magnifying light outlet - like a torch of days gone by - all it need is clean, polish, a wick and kerosene - we bargained a good price for this beauty. It stands about 18cm high.

In a junk shop in Prague I managed to buy some brass and ceramic light bulb holders - these will work well on Steampunk lamps; and blacksmith hand made wall fixings (and handmade 15 cm nail from Bruges)

We discovered  a couple of small local hardware stores in Prague where we were able to buy interesting, portable and well priced bits for our art work including: box corners; stainless steel points; stainless steel latches; and tiny solid brass hinges (to be shared with Fiona)

Some shell cases and belt pieces from the battle fields around Ipere Belgium. These will find their way into peace focussed art works.

And a pair of blacksmith handmade arrow heads from Prague Christmas market - these will make good dry points for our printmaking.

And not one fridge magnet - have to say there are some good memories there.


  1. Is it indecent of me to admit that I'm drooling over your souvenirs? Next time you and Fiona venture to NYC, may I accompany you on a buying day? You visit the most amazing stores and markets and find the most wonderful goodies. Enjoy!

  2. I have to agree with Jennifer! You and Fiona are champion shoppers and have found the most desirable loot. Look forward to what comes of these new items.

  3. Hi J & C - thanks for your comments. Already I'm beginning to bring a few pieces together to create Steampunk lamps. My bigger l;amp will go off to a new home later this week. Go well and create well even if it is the Christmas period. B


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