Friday, December 19, 2014


This time 12 months ago Fiona and I were experiencing the lead up to a white Christmas in NYC. What a contrast this year - beautiful to be home on the mountain but lots of heat.

Whilst we were in NY we bought our books for the Sketchbook Project. We decided we would submit our books as part of the 2015 collection. Well has time rushed by - we are due to post our project books now or the beginning of January so they make it there in time for the 2015 cut off - at the end of January 2015.

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So today had to be the day we started  our books and hopefully finish them over the weekend - amidst lots of Christmas lead up stuff. Any way I chose the theme Mountains from that offered by the Sketchbook organisers. As you can see from the photo below I intend to use mountain rested prints I have made.

©2014 Barry Smith - Mountain prints to be used in my book
These will be attached to aluminium book leaves.

©2014 Barry Smith - Book leaves cut and drilled
One page will have the quote "The pull of the mountain is like gravity for the soul."

©2014 Barry Smith - Quote stamped on page 5 of the book
I have got to the stage where the prints are cut and attached. I have asked Fiona would she combine book leaves with her single page binding - she said yes - I can't stitch. But that will have to wait until the weekend as I had to whipsnip weeds down the back; and now it is time for dinner and a glass or two of red.


  1. How wonderful Barry! A trip to in to see your sketchbooks will definitely be made next year. I bought one for this...or was it last?...year, but never even opened it. Perhaps for 2016... Enjoy!


  2. Hello, Barry.

    Honed beauty, like Wabi-Sabi.
    Thank you for always visiting. And, warm support.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    From Japan, ruma ❃

  3. You can't stitch? I don't believe there is anything you can't do, B! Your mountains are beautiful and this will be a stunning book!

  4. Love the book... don't know of the project, I'll look it up!

  5. J, Ruma, C & VA - thanks for checking out this work in progress - sorry for tardy response - can only plead holidays and visitors etc. As you can see from my later post the book is finished and has been posted to the US. Peace. B


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