Sunday, February 14, 2016

Eye of the beholder - looking beyond the dust and tarnish

This post is about two things: collecting stuff to be used in creating; and some production from such stuff.

©2016 Barry Smith - Detail of a gas-light surround
On Friday morning my brother Neil visited and dropped off a box of stuff; and then on saturday Fiona and I attended Recyclearama at our local show grounds.

Between these two events I have ended up with a heap of stuff: silver-plate and lots of brass and copper objects, fittings and pipe to be used in my work. A few photos of the stuff follows.

©2016 Barry Smith - Serious box of rusted, tarnished and bent gas-light stuff
©2016 Barry Smith - Gas-light detail
©2016 Barry Smith - Gas-light pipes and connections
©2016 Barry Smith - Gas-light surrounds
©2016 Barry Smith - Gas-light surround - different detail - lovely patina
©2016 Barry Smith - Gas-light burner - attention to detail
©2016 Barry Smith - Early electric-light fitting
©2016 Barry Smith - The none gas-light stash - brass objects and silver-plate
©2016 Barry Smith - Windfall - 15 silver-plate 'place-mats' in top condition - it will almost be sad to cut them up but who uses them these days?
I love the attention to detail in some of the gas-light fittings - I think it is so appropriate that the gas light fittings will find their way into Artisan lamps and other light related assemblages.

The silver-plate will be used for vessels and other functional pieces such as those that are in the photos below: brass in a commission of 20 Leaf Letter-openers; and Leaf form pate knives and Leaf-spoons for Maleny Additions.

©2016 Barry Smith - Formed Leaf Letter openers
©2016 Barry Smith - Leaf Letter openers - ground and polished - ready for packing
©2016 Barry Smith - Leaf pate knives and Leaf-spoons - cut from silver-plated EPNS trays
©2016 Barry Smith - Leaf form pate knives ready for delivery to Maleny Additions
©2016 Barry Smith - Leaf-spoons ready for delivery to Maleny Additions
I must admit I look at objects in a different way to others - looking at what they can become.


  1. Oh. My. Goodness! Absolutely wonderful stuff, Barry. Gaslights will make magical lamps...

  2. Oh my, what a treasure trove! Well done, Barry! I am always delighted by the beautiful details - sadly missing in most modern productions. Love how you give this things new life. Wishing you and Fiona a lovely Sunday. xo Renate

  3. What a stash, you are going to have fun.

  4. C, S, JM & P - must be the other hunters and gatherers who dropped by to check out the loot - thanks. C - first time I have scored the gaslights - will make delicate lamps? S/R - so true about detail in modern work - or the lack of it. Thanks for the good wishes. JM & P - a great stash indeed - now I need to get creating. Go well. B


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