Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mist, moon and moulting

This post is quite eclectic.

We have had some misty mornings of late - this soft mist tends to collect beautifully on tiny spiders' webs that cling to the underside of the deck railings. I captured some shots (with the iPhone) of these delicate structures on Monday.

©2016 Barry Smith  - Suspended mist droplets on micro spider's web against a mist background
©2016 Barry Smith  - Multiple layers of tiny suspended mist droplets on micro spider's web against a mist background
©2016 Barry Smith  - A line of micro mist droplets on micro spider's web against a layer of droplets and a mist background
©2016 Barry Smith - The mist - droplet generator
The moon of course always captivates me - so a few photos taken with the Canon Powershot. Some photos taken early through the bushes, power lines and clouds in the evening a couple of nights ago; and a couple of shots very early in the morning.

©2016 Barry Smith - Almost looking through a tunnel to the moon - Lomandra seeds and spikes
©2016 Barry Smith - Lomandra seeds and spikes against the moon
©2016 Barry Smith - Weeds and the moon
©2016 Barry Smith - Power line across the moon
©2016 Barry Smith - Shadow of a cloud across the moon
©2016 Barry Smith - Crisp morning moon
©2016 Barry Smith - Crisp morning moon
And on my walk this morning my eye was drawn to a number of tiny feathers that were stuck to the damp roadway and dew covered grass - a little be or preening or jolting going on - but whatever lovely treasures to be seen in the fine detail.

©2016 Barry Smith - Galah feather?
©2016 Barry Smith - Down
©2016 Barry Smith - Feather caught by dew drops
Sometimes it is the tiny things that offer so much beauty - the eye can hardly see the details at time - but macro shots give another view of the micro world.

The valley this morning

©2016 Barry Smith - The valley


  1. Breathtaking. Every. Single. Photo.

  2. Wow Barry! There are some beauties here! Love the spiky silhouette against the moon and the mist droplets.

  3. So beautiful, B, every one of your photos. And then the galah feather - so softly pink...

  4. Hi J, R & C - it is a joy to share photos of the simple aspects of life with folk in our blog community; and thanks for visiting and commenting. J - that morning view in particular is breathtaking - never tire of it. R - as you indicate sometimes it is not about the moon exactly but rather about the contrasts; and I'm always captivated by the droplets. C - the galah feather - such soft colour against the bitumen backdrop - I so enjoyed it. All - go well & peace. B


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