Friday, February 19, 2016

Responding to a jewellery request

©2016 Barry Smith - Watch bodies and parts - riveted, adorned, ground and polished - ready for assembly
A fellow artist bought a watch part pendant for a daughter at Christmas time - it was well received so why not complement it with watch part earrings. Requirements included: not too heavy; not too long; and not too many jangles.

I had sent my stock of watch part earrings to Jo St Baker Studio-gallery in Redcliffe a couple of weeks ago. I promised I would have a selection for consideration this afternoon (Friday). So you know what I was doing today.

Below are two groupings of earrings: those with whole watch bodies; and others made from watch parts.

©2016 Barry Smith - Watch body earrings - some showing the beauty of worn faces and others the beauty of the workings - but all are reversible of course.
©2016 Barry Smith - Watch part earrings - cut, riveted, adorned etc
A few photos of some of the pairs of earrings.

©2016 Barry Smith - Split cog earrings - about 35mm long.
©2016 Barry Smith - Watch base plate earrings
©2016 Barry Smith - Small split cog earrings (about 20-25mm long)
©2016 Barry Smith - Small - adjustment plates - fob-watches with rubies (about 20-25mm long)
©2016 Barry Smith - Watch body earrings - lot of history on the faces - about 30mm long including crystals
©2016 Barry Smith - Watch body earrings - beauty of the workings - about 30mm long including crystals
Must away to put the pieces in the studio-gallery shop for the client to make a choice. Then off for dinner with Fiona's dad - I believe baked fish and a crisp white wine!!!


  1. I feel sorry for your client ... if it were me, I'd want all of the above!

  2. Love these, wish we could come and get a pair but hard as I love all the designs. Farm not selling so life is a bit difficult at the moment.

  3. Oh, the adjustment plate pair! Just fabulous! What a lovely post, Barry, making me want, want, want...

  4. Hi LA, P, JM, C & TT - I can't believe I have not responded to your kinds comments and thanked you for visiting - sorry. LA - in the end the client did take two pair of earrings - the small half cogs and the adjustment plate ornaments. P - sorry to hear about the difficulty selling - makes it hard to move on to the next chapter of life. C - the client was also attracted to those plate earrings. JM & TT - good reaction - thanks. All peace and joy. B


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