Sunday, October 23, 2016

A few more fragments of an art life

We are back on 'the mountain' after our art-culture exchange trip to Japan; and I'm beginning pick up the pieces of everyday life including our art stuff.

The fragments covered in this post include: starting the commission of Bending 5 (fifth installation in the bending leaf series); doing a prototype of a simple spoon and fork made from 1mm thick stainless steel tray; receiving news that I had won a prize in the Blackall art show; and having it brought to my attention that my photo was in a Sunshine Coast newspaper article about the poetry trail.

From time to time I'm given what looks like a silver-plated tray only to discover that it is in fact stainless steel - I have kept some of these until I worked out a purpose for them. I use some in my personal shrines; but was inspired to create a simple zen like teaspoon and cake fork as you can see from the prototype below.

©2016 Barry Smith - Simple hammered stainless steel spoon and fork.
I have started the Bending 5 commission by testing how the recycled copper from the fireplace hood would form, clean and patina. As you can see from the photos below the copper will work well.

©2016 Barry Smith -Leaf on wood with patina solution

©2016 Barry Smith - Patinated copper leaf riveted to a rusted rod stem
I was notified that I awarded first prize in the Best Contemporary Art Entry at the Blackall Heartland Art Exhibition for my piece Fire Within. It was good to see that this small but beautiful work was given an award.

©2016 Barry Smith -
The poetry trail work goes on. The poetry group coordinator Judith Bandidt got an article in the Sunshine Coast Daily to promote the work and appeal for support for funds for the fabrication and installation stage of the three poetry sculptures.

And now I need to spend a bit of time doing a few menial tasks including tidying up my art photos. Quiet art fragments to ease me back into my art work.


  1. That patina'd leaf is exquisite. Congrats on all above!

  2. Well done for the award and the free advertising!
    Sandy in the UK

  3. Congratulations on your award! Fire Within is beautiful. And the leaves will be wonderful.


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