Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Seeking sun and other matters

Yesterday I cleaned out the water filled rusty fire pit. It looked disgusting and was not good for the local wildlife. I checked it out the morning to ensure the water was clear. The photo below shows an unusual green colour as the metal begins to rust again under water  - not sure what is causing that - but the water was clear.

©2016 Barry Smith - Rust in a water filled iron fire pit
On my walk a trail of blue objects led me to this gorgeous Satin Bowerbird bower - a delicate and beautiful performance area.

I was attracted to a roadside bed of flowers all facing the morning sun.

And what about the hopeful and delicate seed on the bitumen road; and the road map in a dried leaf.

The maples are a glorious colour at the moment.

The last moments of a sunset on Monday was just full of layers and contrasts.

Much to rejoice about in nature that surrounds us.


  1. Yes, much to rejoice in nature for those who stop to witness it. Beautiful images.

  2. All beautiful, Barry, but that seed on the road is a wonderful photo. Your description of "hopeful" says it all. What an eye you have for the miraculous...


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