Friday, October 28, 2016

Gifts that can give every day

©2016 Barry Smith - Silver-plate and ink spots 
I went full tilt today attempting to make fives sets of Daily Leaf Words from go to completion. I had a request for 5 sets from a fellow artist friend who wanted to give them to folk on Saturday afternoon. I have three sets on hand; but rather than just make the two extra sets I decided to make five sets to give some choice.

I quite like making the Daily Leaf Word sets because they can look attractive as small table top sculptural works; or they can be used to give daily inspiration.

Warning - in this blog post I'm going to share some process photos - some folks have seen this process before and therefore may just want to move right along.

©2016 Barry Smith - 10cm silver-plated circular blanks for bowls.
©2016 Barry Smith - Stacks of word leaf blanks all about 2cmx7cm - 35 in all 
©2016 Barry Smith - Word blanks stamped with inspirational words
©2016 Barry Smith  - First stage of creating leaves - the first fold
©2016 Barry Smith - Bowls annealed and hammered; and leaves folded, cut, hammers, annealed and partially opened
©2016 Barry Smith - Bowls on the work bench after first grind and polish
Obviously I did not get the sets finished this afternoon. There will be a final lot of grinding and polishing earlyish tomorrow morning.

The post is short tonight as we are about to have visitors for dinner. I need to check to see if there is anything I can help Fiona with other than organise glasses and drinks.

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