Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cutting metal for Funky Fish

©2016 Barry Smith 
You may remember the blog post I did on the Flying Funky Fish in July. I have been asked if I had them for sale. I thought before I put them up into the shop (which is a bit empty at the moment) I should make a few more.

I have been using the curved sides of a couple of old and large brass jardinieres for the bodies of the fish. I particularly like the curves that have stripped or diamond patterns on them  - reminds me a bit of the markings on some fish.

Anyway I got the angle grinder out, put in a fine reinforced cutting disc and cut the top section off the jardiniere (fancy name for pot plant pot).

©2016 Barry Smith 
©2016 Barry Smith 
I cut 5 fish bodies from the top section. In the past the jardiniere had been coated with varnish so I had to burn that off - interesting green flames. Of course it annealed the metal at the same time.

©2016 Barry Smith 
©2016 Barry Smith 
The metal was curved in the wrong direction so while it was soft from annealing I bent the pieces spot they curved the way I wanted them. But you can see they are pretty messy at this point. So over to the grinder and polisher to give them new life.

©2016 Barry Smith  - Funky Fish bodies in the rough
©2016 Barry Smith - Funky Fish bodies on rust
Interestingly enough as I was fossicking around in the metal pile I found a few other fish bodies I had cut months and months ago. So they got a grind and polish as well. Love the small one.

©2016 Barry Smith - Some other Funky Fish bodies that were hanging around
Now it is a matter of setting aside time to add fins, tails, gills etc.


  1. Loving your Funky Fish, B! I've always been drawn to fishy shapes and those finished items are delightful. I'm sure they'll do well in the shop.

    1. Hi C - not sure when I will get to take the next step on these - I have a couple of commissions; and of course there is the need to make stock for shops in the lead up to Christmas. Peace. B


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