Sunday, December 23, 2018


©2018 Barry Smith - Fungi Bowls and hammers - earlier in the day I had given 6 of my hammers a polish to ensure the hammering surfaces were in good condition.
 One of the things I enjoy about being a creative is being able to make stuff and give it away. Making and giving to bring a little more light and joy into what at times can seem to be a sad and dark world.

Over the weekend I managed to use some of those metal pieces cut during the week and on Friday and use them to make: a pair of Name Leaves; and a trio of Fungi Bowls.

Because I was making leaves I made 10 Peace Leaves whilst making the two Name Leaves.

©2018 Barry Smith - Peace Leaves and Name Leaves on the workbench - the workbench has seen a lot of metal in a lot of forms - I love it's patina (aka marks, scratches and stains)
©2018 Barry Smith - The two Name Leaves - same name - informal and formal versions - leaf forms are about 14-15cm long
The Fungi Bowls seem so small and delicate when compared to the hammers responsible for their creation. But the outcome looks good.

©2018 Barry Smith - Metal stake for raising the bowls on
©2018 Barry Smith - Japanese style metal working hammer - bowls are about 6cm across
©2018 Barry Smith - Two bowls have been put through the third phase of hammering - the third bowl is marked up for the systematic cycle of hammering
©2018 Barry Smith - Fungi bowls after the fourth phase of hammering and grinding and polishing
The Name Leaves, the Fungi Bowls and 4 of the Peace Leaves went to new homes today.

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  1. time to let the year go and enjoy the silliness of the season!


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