Friday, December 28, 2018

Tools for a new year

©2018 Barry Smith - Polished faces of some of my steel hammers
Over the last month or so I have assessed my tools and decided that: some needed to be replaced; and some just needed to be refurbished.

My hammers can do some very hard work and occasionally loose their gloss and pick up the odd small line or indentation. I gave my 6 key hammers bit of attention on the grinding-polishing machine. I love how they are looking shiny and ready for work in 2019.

©2018 Barry Smith - Polished hardened steel hammers on the polishing-grinding bench
Somewhere-sometime in 2018 I lost my oyster opening knife that I used for opening folded metal leave forms - so I have had to convert a 'knife form' into a useful but blunt tool for this purpose.

©2018 Barry Smith - New tool for opening folded leaf forms
I worked out that I needed to replace the soft faces that I use in my vices. I had worn out two copper sets and two rubberised-plastic sets. I brought magnetic aluminium faces and also a set of magnetic rubber faces.

©2018 Barry Smith - Aluminium and rubber faced vice inserts.
Whist I was buying the above I indulged in a magnetic cast iron metal bending tool and a new full set of metal drills ranging from 1mm to 13mm.

©2018 Barry Smith - Heavy duty metal bending tool - fits into the 15cm vice and produces perfect 90% bends
©2018 Barry Smith - These are looking great for the jobs ahead
So no excuses in the new year????


  1. wow love seeing all your hammers ready to go and am green with envy for that full set of drills!

  2. Hi MC - thanks for your comment. Sorting and polishing the gear does encourage action. First time I have purchased such a full set of drill bits - they are already in use. Peace. B


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