Friday, December 7, 2018

Name and Peace Leaves

©2018 Barry Smith - Peace on a leaf
Today has been quite all over the place - a few community engagements including attending the end of year volunteer get together for our local neighbourhood centre. My tree of life pieces will be given out as token recognition of the grand work of our volunteers.

©2018 Barry Smith - Tree of Life gifts
But I did get time to finish 5 Name Leaves - these are leaves for children in recognition of their birth and naming.

©2018 Barry Smith - Name Leaves made from high quality silver-plated brass place mats
I also finished thirty Peace Leaves for giving away to encourage peace.

©2018 Barry Smith - Beginning to unfold the leaf forms
©2018 Barry Smith - Leaf forms open and ready for grinding and polishing
©2018 Barry Smith - Thirty pieces to encourage peace
What about my new tool for bending metal; and I think I might need a new pair of leather gloves?

©2018 Barry Smith - Bending tool - attaches to the vise magnetically
©2018 Barry Smith - Starting to feel the heat through the gaps
I'm now off to the neighbourhood centre event. There will be pizza and red wine when I get back home and settle in for Friday evening.


  1. You do need new gloves. Shows how busy you are.

  2. Great work. Good job.
    Definitely time for a new pair of gloves.

  3. Beautiful work. I love the idea of name leaves for newborns.

  4. oh the magnetic bending tool is a beauty & you need new gloves before xmas!


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