Friday, January 24, 2020

A couple more 'art' installations on the block

©2020 Barry Smith - Cubes on the terraces - they will grey off over time - photo doesn't do the installation justice
Fiona and I continue on our merry way cleaning the block and sorting our stockpiles. I committed to chainsawing the remaining logs so they could be used as cube installations and large bench seats. Fiona really helped by setting up the logs for sawing and measuring and marking up the logs to get the most out of them. And a good stash resulted as you can see from below.

©2020 Barry Smith - That is what a rough cut stack of timber looks like - and yes it rained lightly as I did the chainsawing
©2020 Barry Smith - All the timber with all the edges ground and timber wax applied to the end grain
©2020 Barry Smith - Looking at the stacks from above
This morning we moved all but three of the cubes down onto the sculpture terraces to create another cube installation as you can see from the photo at the start of the post. All that is left are the two benches and three 200mm cubes.

©2020 Barry Smith - Three lovely cubes and two heavy duty bench sets
We also took seven rusted bbq burners and installed them under one of the camellias - they look a bit like a grouping of people - silent sentinels.

©2020 Barry Smith - A gathering of the rusty burner people
A good outcome in terms of decluttering and adding to the block.


  1. I love stacking blocks with our grandkids and can only imagine the delight that it must bring to likewise stack these weighty wooden cubes ... that you create them with a chain saw is awe-inducing, no easy task to square them off, I'm sure


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