Wednesday, January 22, 2020

A little friend and other fragments

©2020 Barry Smith - Water dragon that kept me company
The water dragon above and below stayed by me feet for about 30minutes as I sat on a shaded bench seat in town waiting for Fiona to finish a meeting this morning.

©2020 Barry Smith - Water dragon that kept me company
What about this odd reflection in the glass of the mountains in the east superimposed over the range in the west - seen from only one angle in the house before heading out for my walk.

©2020 Barry Smith - Reflection of the valley mountains on the window creating an overlay on the view of the mountains in the west
©2020 Barry Smith - Valley view this morning
The blossoms below were captured when we went down the back to do some pruning yesterday.

©2020 Barry Smith - Love how the sun caught and highlighted these spent banksia blossoms.

©2020 Barry Smith - Beautiful detail
©2020 Barry Smith - A different type of banksia forming
©2020 Barry Smith - Intricate patterns and small florets
And those below were bits of brightness from my walk this morning.

©2020 Barry Smith - Love the spider
©2020 Barry Smith
©2020 Barry Smith
©2020 Barry Smith
©2020 Barry Smith - Shades of blue and purple


  1. there is so much good-ness in the world ... thank you for helping me to see that this morning ...


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