Friday, May 22, 2020

Quite a stash

©2020 Barry Smith - Black buffalo horn earrings 
Yesterday and today I did a big push to get the 24 pairs of salvaged black buffalo horn earrings completed. It is surprising just how much fiddling time goes into making the earring drops. Still it is good to have such a stash completed.

Some earrings will go to Maleny additions, some will go into our new studio-gallery shop at Deckled Edge Press and a few pair will be gifted.

A couple of production shots. There are two finishes on the earrings - the shiny finish is created by polishing the horn on the jewellery polishing wheel with a fine jewellery polish; the matt finish is created by grinding on the jewellery sanding wheel, leaving some of the saw marks and then giving the horn a thin coat of silicon grease. The later finish results in an organic twig-like look.

©2020 Barry Smith - Adding the rivets to the pieces 
©2020 Barry Smith  - Finished stash on the table
And photos of the various groupings.

©2020 Barry Smith  - Twig-like drops
©2020 Barry Smith  - Cross cut of horn tip - almost looks like a cat's eyes
©2020 Barry Smith  - More structured forms
©2020 Barry Smith  - Rough cut - almost looks like charcoal
©2020 Barry Smith  - Horn tips
©2020 Barry Smith 
©2020 Barry Smith  - Some odd shapes here
Doing multiples always seems to take a long time; but then the reward is a good bank of pieces.

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