Sunday, September 13, 2020

Mini-posters for daily inspiration


I'm printing some posters in preparation for a poster related exhibition that Fiona and I will have at Deckled Edge Press towards the end of the year.

This mini-poster incorporates the words I use in my Daily Leaf Words sets. I mixed the three colours above as I want to offer folk a bit of choice but also I wanted to create a calming blue and green.

I have used 2.5cm tall vintage wood type and set each word on top of each other - making for a continuous column of words and colour. They are printed on 300GSM white cotton paper.

I couldn't resist adding a bit of bling.

The mini-posters are already for sale at DEP for $35each.


  1. you two bring so much hope into the world!

  2. I couldn't find them on DEP ... have they sold out??? Would love to send a purple poster to a dear one


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