Sunday, March 14, 2010

Back to beating - letters that is

This past week has been a bit too full of computer work and not enough art. I didn't get down to the studio-garage to do a little bit of Friday afternoon art therapy. Anyway enough of the moans I hear you say.

Well today after talking to a couple of fellow ALaWers I was energised to do an I and J. I was experimenting with a couple of things.

With the I the folds have to be made so that they do not go right to the edge each time. You can see I was partially successful - with the centre fold I was able to get a nice crisp fold that had a beginning and an end away from the edge - not so good with the cross bars - more practice.

With the J I wanted to get a raised J form by marking the front and then beating the letter from the back. This worked reasonably well - a bright and joyful J stands out.


  1. It's great to see how your skills develop with each letter, amazing wat you can do with the same technique, I love the J.

  2. Really nice folds - quite tricky to have them not go all eh way to the edge. I also like the circles that appear in the background


  3. The interesting thing about using recycled objects (e.g. pot plant holders) is that you get to incorportate the existing texture such as the circles. B


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