Friday, March 26, 2010

It must be Friday

Well what a great day - the sun shone and there was no rain. It must be Friday because after getting the "work-work" at the computer out of the way in the morning it meant I could spend the afternoon on art and garden maintenance (that is a euphemism for weeding).

I have finished a couple of letters for ALaW; and I started doing three book stacks for the Lucas Parklands Open Garden exhibition in June.

The photos show K and L created using the foldforming approach. I think this time I got the folds to stop with out crossing so as to create crisper letters.

I have also taken a cluster shot of all the letters I have done to date.
I hope to complete the book stack over the weekend and so post on them on Sunday.

For those waiting for another pumpkin update one is one the way. We have some very creative pumpkins on the way including the "hanging pumpkin of the not so great wall of Maleny" and the "old rocking pumpkin" - hmmmm!!!


  1. Those letters look so good all together! what size are the pieces?
    really enjoying seeing your work barry.

  2. Suzi - thanks for the positive feedback. All the letters are 7cm by 7cm. The A Letter a Week challenge has been a good thing for a lot of us - it has provided the opportunity to dabble with medium and in areas we don't usually play. ALaW is still taking members until the end of March. It as contributors from France, South America, US South Africa as well as Australia. If you want to play contact Fiona thru Barry


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