Sunday, March 7, 2010

Big beaten bowl

As you know I have been moaning about not being able to get outside to cut things up etc so today was the day to take it out on a bits of unsuspecting brass and copper.

At the moment the bowl pictured is meant to be one of three in my tri-bowl font – but you never know I could change my mind depending how it looks when finished.

The bowl started life as the bottom of a brass cylindrical pot plant holder – had a tear in the bottom as well. The copper is from the bottom of a badly damaged copper boiler. The band around the top of the bowl is flattened 12mm copper pipe.

The bowl is quite large for me – about 270mm wide and 60mm high. It has taken quite a lot of beating and repair. The triangles used to make up the six pointed star are actually also functional – to repair the tear in the brass. The 'star' is also a bit off centre as the tear was on the bottom and side of the bowl.

I have used patina solution on the copper star but the two triangles of copper have reacted differently – we will see how it goes as it cures.

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