Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cut and grind - start on a couple of sculptural pieces

The weather was finally kind for about a half of the day today. Clear, sun shining and blue sky - a good time for cutting the rusted fireplace into some component parts - with sheets of rusted iron left over for other pieces.

I marked the whole fireplace into the triangles I wanted - lots of different sizes; and as you can see started cutting from the top down.

The whole process took 9 fibre cutting disks (a couple simply disintegrated); and about 2-3 hours cutting. The metal is 3mm thick.

The end products look interesting. When placed together they look as little like a herd. Over the next little while I will play with them. Fiona wants them left as they are - she already has plans for one group in a rock garden out the front of our house. Of course they are to go into the Open Garden exhibition first.


  1. Hey Barry, at LAST - well done. I am with Fiona - these are your best ever sculptures - so exquisitely simple and beautiful. You can always play with arrangements. LOL xoxoxo


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